Frequently asked questions2019-11-09T21:39:13+00:00

Frequently asked questions

Will it stick to my wall?2019-06-30T15:18:28+01:00

Certain types of paint will repel the adhesive causing the decal to have very low adhesion or no adhesion at all.
These types of paint are known as low VOC, Zero VOC, easy wash, latex or stain blocker paint. This list is not exhaustive.

If you are not sure, we recommend to test your wall before you buy. Please see the Instructions page for more details.

Will it damage the paint?2019-06-29T14:02:00+01:00

We use wall friendly vinyl and they can be easily removed but we can’t guarantee they won’t take any paint off.
That’s because it depends on the condition of the paint.
The bond between the paint and the wall is out of our control and that is a critical factor.

Can I remove it and use it later?2019-06-29T14:02:48+01:00

You may remove a decal but it cannot be reused. It will get damaged upon removal.

Are these decals waterproof?2019-06-29T14:04:21+01:00

Yes! All decals are made out of coloured self adhesive vinyl and they resist to water and UV (the colour will not fade out).

Can you do custom decals?2019-06-29T14:08:35+01:00

Yes! We constantly do custom decals. We can design it for you or you can supply your own file. Please contact us for a quote.