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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or if you need help with your decals.

Installation is recommended within 2 weeks after receipt. No warranty will be valid if installation is past 4 weeks.


We use wall friendly vinyl that can be easily removed but we cannot guarantee it will not take any paint off. That’s because it depends on the condition of the paint.
The bond between the paint and the wall is out of our control and that is a critical factor. The condition of the paint can vary across the entire wall.
In very rare cases, the paint may have to be ‘touched up’ after removal/installation depending on the current state of the surface.

This information is valid for other painted surfaces, for example painted wood.


Fresh painted walls/surfaces must be allowed to fully dry for at least one week (or more, if possible). Even if the wall/surface feels dry at touch, it may still be wet underneath.

Applying a decal over fresh paint will trap the moisture underneath that will eventually build up and force the decal to peel off. It can also damage the paint.

Certain types of paint will repel the adhesive causing the decal to have very low adhesion or no adhesion at all. These types of paint are known as low VOC, Zero VOC, easy wash, latex or stain blocker paint. This list is not exhaustive. To date, there is no clear solution to combat this issue but some potential solutions are advertised on Internet.

Our decals will not stick to damp or texture surfaces.

Decals installed in close proximity to a heating or cooling source (i.e. air conditioning, radiator, heat blower) are likely to peel off.

If you are not sure, we recommend to test your wall before you buy.


A simple way to test the wall is to stick a 20-30cm strip of masking tape (painters tape) to the wall and leave it for 24 hours. Of course, you can stick multiple strips in different areas.

If the tape stays up, that is a good sign. Upon removal, you should feel some resistance that indicates the tape has stuck to the wall. This means our wall decals should also stick to that wall.

However, if the tape peels off or shows signs of peeling off, most likely the paint is repelling the adhesive and you’ll experience the same issue with our decals.


We recommend dry application for our decals (without water or other fluids), unless otherwise stated in product description.

Frosted (etch) vinyl decals should be applied wet, using soapy water, to obtain a smooth effect across the entire surface. Dry application is equally suitable.

Please ensure the surface is fully dry and clean.

Fresh painted walls must be allowed to fully dry for at least one week while vehicles must be free of wax and other contamination. Otherwise, the performance of the decal will be affected.

A plethora of tutorials can be found on Internet (i.e. YouTube), please search for “how to apply a decal” or similar.


There is no specific technique to remove a decal and common sense should be used.

Start by carefully lift up a corner then slowly pull the decal from the surface at a 180 degree angle.

Gently heating the decal using a hair drier or a hot air gun can help to weaken the adhesive and make the removal easier. Please take appropriate safety measures when using a hair drier or a hot air gun.

Usually, our decals do not leave residue on the wall but they may leave adhesive residue on other surfaces like glass, car or furniture. Adhesive residue can be wiped off with acetone, methylated spirit or IPA (Isopropyl alcohol). Please take appropriate care when using these chemicals.

This information is based on our knowledge and experience.

No liability is given for damage to painted surfaces and no guarantee can be offered against adhesive residue.

For more detail, please review or Terms and Conditions.