Fish Underwater Pattern / Aquarium Wall Decal / Fish & Weeds & Bubble Wall Sticker suitable for any clean and smooth surface such as painted walls, bathroom tiles, smooth finished wood, furniture, glass etc.

Each set of 16 includes 8 fish, 4 weeds and 4 bubble columns.

Fish – 3 inches (7.5cm)
Seaweed – 6 inches (15cm)
Bubble column – 6 inches (15 cm)

Certain types of paint (especially those for interior walls decoration) will repel the adhesive causing the decal to have very low adhesion or no adhesion at all.
These types of paint are known as low VOC, Zero VOC, easy wash, latex or stain blocker paint. This list is not exhaustive.

You are advised to check before you buy because you may not be entitled for a refund if the surface is painted with such a paint.