Etched glass safety stickers that improve the safety of your glass windows and doors.

The stickers will be supplied on a sheet and they must be applied one by one. We can also supply them as strips, pre-spaced, at extra cost.

Ideal for Shops, Hotels, Offices, Restaurants, Patio Doors and any other space that requires highlighting of glazed areas.

We can also make other shapes and sizes upon request.

It is a legal requirement for all public buildings and glass partitions, ‘Regulation 14 the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1992’ that every window or translucent service, must be marked and clearly identifiable, to prevent members of the public being injured from accidentally walking into glass.

Frosted (etch) vinyl decals should be applied wet, using soapy water, to obtain a smooth effect across the entire surface. Dry application is equally suitable.