Sea life wall decal with mermaid, bubbles, coral, gold fish, sea weed, starfish and jellyfish. Underwater/Deep sea ocean life nursery wall decal suitable for children’s room, nursery, playroom, classroom. Suitable for totally smooth, clean, dry and free from dust walls.

The overall approximate FULL SIZE is 10×7 feet (3×2 metres), positioned as in picture. All elements will be supplied separately so you can position them as you wish to create your own layout.

FULL SIZE pack includes:
1x Mermaid decal (50×17 inches)
2x Seaweed decals (30×10/ 21×13 in)
1x Coral decal (24×21 in)
1x Gold Fish decal (7×5 in)
1x Starfish decal (10×10 in)
1x Jellyfish decal (12×7.5 in)
Bubbles decal (approx. 300, various sizes)*

*The bubbles will not be supplied as a column but as sheets of dots. You will have to stick each bubble individually to reproduce the bubbles column. (DIY job for you and kids).

We can also create variations of this design so please contact us know if you would like to make some changes to this design.

A plethora of tutorials can be found online, please search Google or YouTube for “apply wall decals”.

Certain types of paint (especially those for interior walls decoration) will repel the adhesive causing the decal to have very low adhesion or no adhesion at all.
These types of paint are known as low VOC, Zero VOC, easy wash, latex or stain blocker paint. This list is not exhaustive.

You are advised to check before you buy because you may not be entitled for a refund if the surface is painted with such a paint.