This Aquarium wall decal / Ocean wall decor / Deep sea decor idea is a great addition to your aquarium or deep sea themed wall.

Suitable for totally smooth, clean, dry and free from dust walls.

The pack includes:

x1 Whale decal 40×20 inches
x1 Coral (left) decal 18×23 inches
x1 Coral (right) decal 23×16 inches
x1 Seaweed decal 23×23 inches
x1 Sand dune decal 17×6 inches
x2 Reef rocks decals 9×4 inches combined
x16 Fish decals 7×2 inches each
x60 Bubbles decals various sizes

All elements will be supplied separately so you can position them as you wish to create your own layout.

We can also create variations of this design so please let us know if you want something slightly different.

Default colours: Light Pink, Yellow, Peach Echo, Green, Grey, Baby Blue, White.

There is no particular way to apply this design but you can follow these steps:
– ensure the wall is clean and dry because dust and moisture will prevent the decals from sticking
– affix the decals to the wall with masking tape (painters tape) to get an idea about positioning and layout
– when you are happy with the position of each element, it’s time to stick them up
– one element at the time, start from one end or from the top and use a squeegee (or credit card) to smooth the decal outwards, apply some pressure
– do not peel off the release liner (backing paper) all at once, peel progressively as you stick
– when all applied to the wall, use a squeegee (or credit card) to rub it all over to form a good bond
– gently peel back the transfer tape. Do not peel at 90 degrees angle, that will pull the decal as well. Peel along the wall.
– take a picture of your project and share it with us.

WARNING! Certain types of paint (especially those for interior walls decoration) will repel the adhesive causing the decal to have very low adhesion or no adhesion at all.
These types of paint are known as low VOC, Zero VOC, easy wash, latex or stain blocker paint. This list is not exhaustive.

YOU ARE ADVISED TO CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY because you may NOT be entitled for a refund if the surface is painted with such a paint.