World map wall decal, World map sticker, World map wall art, World map wall decor, Modern room decor, Office wall decor, World map and compass wall decal.

Ideal for kids room, living room, office, meeting room, schools, libraries.

Standard sizes (W x H):
40 x 22 in (1 x 0.55 m)
50 x 27 inches (1.27 x 0.68 m)
60 x 33 inches (1.50 x 0.83 m)
70 x 38 inches (1.77 x 0.96 m)
80 x 44 inches (2.03 x 1.12 m)

For other sizes that are not listed, please contact us.

Please note this decal may be supplied in sections with registration marks for easy installation. However, it will be smartly split through blank spaces and narrow areas to keep the joints minimal or avoid them where possible.

Please note this is an intricate decal and requires more time and patience to install than a regular decal.

For smaller sizes we may exclude bits that are too small to serve any purpose.